16 and 17, the days in Pakse and relaxing to the maxi 🤤

We last left off with our first day in Pakse. So far it’s been An amazing journey. One reason is most of this has been done by land verses flying everywhere 

The second day in Pakse was to be spent exploring so,e of the waterfalls here. The decision was made to explore 3 of them rather than rush around through all 7. 

Our driver was really nice and polite and I would recommend him, his name is Touy and if you want his details please ask and I’ll pass them on. 

One note of warning ⚠️ with one of these. Et-U waterfall, the steps are so steep you can touch them with your hands when walking up, unfortunately the pics don’t show it well enough but they are steep….. trust me..

After finishing up for the day it was a quick trip into town for dinner and back to the hotel. 

The following day was planned to be a rest day. Spending some time by the pool however it was only in short bursts as it was raining most of the day. I have had major issues here with wifi, it’s just way to slow, even to write this blog I couldn’t upload photos, I decided to get a 4G SIM card and the connection is awesome (I’m getting circa 25meg upload and download). 

We decided to just head into town again as we need to work out how to start travelling north, this isn’t the easiest country to commute in, we found the bus company and booked a ticket. 

After a chilled stroll through town checking out what’s around (not much) it was back to the hotel to chill out once again. I did however find some humour in some of the English signs around. A little lost in transalation I think. 

Well tomorrow we chill out (in fact now is tomorrow as I write this) till 7pm to then head to the bus station. 

I’ll be sure to add in some more details or even write up my itinerary with links to all these places at the very end. 


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