Day 10 and 11 and I feel like I have been awake 24/7

Well I didn’t bother really blogging about day ten, it consisted of an early start, packing and getting the gear together for a bus trip 🚌 from Inle Lake to Bagan. The ride was 8.5 hours long, lovely scenery but a horrible ride (the driver thought he was in a F1 racer). I did my best to try and sleep but it was a mini bus and I’m not mini.

We arrived in Began at around 4.30pm, we are staying at Myanmar Han. It’s nice, it’s the first place we have stayed that has a pool (thank god) and the food has been fantastic.

e raced to the roof top to try and catch The Sunset but it wasn’t anything to rave home about.

We arranged a driver for the next morning to pick us up at 3.30am. The goal was to not go where all the tourists are, that means some sacrifice that the best spot is usually where they are. I googled the night before and found a pagoda called Law Ka Ou Shaung. It was pitch black when we arrived and the only ones there (yyyaaaassss!!!). We climbed the pagoda (along with two dogs 🐕 who took an interest in us (surprisingly they make it up and down no worries, the steps are more like scaling a ladder).

People started arriving but we had already established our spot. This is by far one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen. The photos to follow have not had any changes in colour to how they were shot on the camera.

Obviously the last one is from my phone #selfie but the others are shot on my canon m3 with a sigma 18-300 art lens. Having a zoom lens for this morning shoot is a must for anyone doing it, leave your wide angle at home.

We made our way back down at around 6.30am and straight to breakfast (as you can tell by now I’m really appreciating food as some days I have only had one meal at best so give me some slack lol)

The day was spent having a swim and playing with photos till we decided to catch a sunset 🌅

The sunsets in Bagan are meant to be magical. Once again I googled and found one called Myauk Guni, we used the same driver and headed out there. The only problem is I think 5000 other people googled the same thing and by the time The Sun started to set it was like a rock concert up there with people trying to sit where the space was about half the size of their arse. I had my spot and I wasn’t moving, I had some wiggle room thanks to setting up a tripod early up there. To be honest it was a disappointment, The Sun set wasn’t magical, it was rather bland for what my expectations were.

Here is a time lapse of the afternoon. (Sorry it’s low quality, my internet here is slower than a carrier pidgin)

We made our way back down and back to the hotel. We were thinking of extending our stay one more night to get another sunrise and another sunset but I’m finding this place has so many tourists here, I have gone from locations where English just wasn’t spoken and a tourist would be seen here or there and few and far between. Here they are everywhere, on scooter, on pagodas, in the pool, I just can’t get away from them.

Tomorrow should be interesting, I have been convinced to catch a train here (don’t ask why) but the trains here have 1st class, upper class and ordinary class. Ordinary class has wooden seats (hell no). Upper class has a thin cushion over the wood and first class has reclining chairs. Unfortunately this train has no first class so it’s an eight hour train ride on semi wooden seats (once again don’t ask why as I don’t know he answer). So it’s 6am at the station, 7am leaving and heading to Mandalay for the final 2 nights stay in Myanmar. I will be booking at 3 hour massage when I’m there FYI. I still would have liked to have stayed here longer but from Mandalay we fly to Bangkok to then catch an overnight train 🚂 to Pakse in Laos 🇱🇦. It will be about a week and a half in Laos followed by a trek through Thailand making our way back down to Phuket to rest for 4 days.

Wish me luck on this train ride tomorrow ✌🏻


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