Day 9… let the photography shine 🙌🏻

It’s 4am and I’m up…. our boat man (I’m not sure what you would call him) was arriving at 5am, I was determined to get a sunrise and an early start to the day.

We meet our front and walk down to the water, it’s dark, it’s hard to see, our boat guys name is Mgnge and he is lovely. He is preparing the boat and we stumble through the dark, not knowing where the grass stops and the water begins and get on board. He makes his way through the canals and to the open water, man he is going fast (it is motorised). We are flying down the river towards the lake, he moves the just inches from obstacles and I make the decision to just trust that he does this every day and knows what he is doing. We pull up to an area that has fisherman all starting their day and these guys are one with their boat, they are doing moves that would put a gymnast 🤸‍♂️ to shame. We had The Sun just starting to come up going from blue hour into golden hour and it was amazing!

After taking about 1000 photos of this we were off again, The Sun was up so time to move on.

We went down to a restaurant that is on the water (literally on the water, the only way to get to it is by boat).

The same restaurant also has a cigarette and cigar making business and show us how they do it, they use all local ingredients and make it look so easy (it is not). They also flavour all the smokes with choices like mint, fruit and spices. I decide to try a mint one and besides the fact it is strong it actually is pretty good.

We then head off, this time to “the floating gardens” and WOW! It’s like fields of crops but on the water, we work our way right through taking it all in. This is a must see if you are coming here.

Following this was some stops at different businesses including a jewellery making business and a material and sewing business. You don’t have to stop at these, the option is yours but I wanted to see how they were making a living and things that are unique to this place.

One of the locations made umbrellas and also had woman there who wear the rings around their neck.

Second Last stop was a monastery, this place was old, I’m not sure how old but let’s just say bloody old.

Whilst I appreciate things for what they are I would suggest you could skip this one.

Finally we headed to some markets as our final stop. For me this was not a chance to actually buy anything but rather take some photos of people.

And we were back off. By now it’s about 11am, it’s been 6 hours out there and I’m ready to come back. Walking back to the hotel I notice a sign…. it says “are you sick of eating rice? Come have some pancakes 🥞”. Just for the fact that it made me laugh 🤭 I thought I had to check this place out.

This place was AWESOME!!! Sorry there is no photos of the pancakes, I smashed them before I remembered to take a photo. If you come here please come to this place, the food was excellent!

As you can tell I have had some time this evening to get some work done on some photos. I have sooooooo many more but posting 16 photos on Instagram in one day is a new record for me. Go check them all out. @followthephotographer.

Well that wraps up day nine, tomorrow we are on a bus at 7.30 and heading to began. Let’s see what day 10 holds!!!!


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