Day 2 and you’ll never guess what happened 🙈

The day started early, around 6am with coffee overlooking the beach 🏖. The taxi ride was set for 8am, Mario the taxi driver explained he would take us to the bus stop 🚏 from there we were to catch a bus 🚌 that should take 4 to 6 hours. The bus was good, aircon, wifi and I had an iPad full of movies so I was set.

Finally arriving at the destination we were hounded by taxi drivers straight off the bus, finally explaining that we needed to get to the wharf to catch a boat across the boarder to kawthoung to gain access into Myanmar 🇲🇲, the taxi driver said “yes yes yes” driving us to a location but none of the signs showed the location we were wanting, after a few bits of conversation between him and the lady selling tickets we got “yes yes yes” and explained “ 20 minutes”. Paying our 350 baht each… We waited patiently in the heat for 20 minutes, after 30 I asked her “when does the boat come (at this point I was a little worried and overcome by the most god awful smell I think known to man, a cross between sewage and sulphide is the best way I can explain it)

Well I explained it’s been 30 minutes, where is the boat? She looked at me in a way she knew just what I was saying and said “ 20 minutes, yes 20 minutes”. I looked at her, she looked at me, a smile on her face…. I think that is the only English she knows……. another 30 minutes pass and we are asked to jump onto the back of a truck (yes a truck, not a boat….) and taken about 5 minutes away… there it is, a comfortable, nice speed boat.

We all get on the boat and we are off, the scenery is beautiful with rolling hills and mountains surrounding us, we are in a rush as we need to get through customs via the embassy on the other side and it’s 4pm now. The ride should take no longer than 30 minutes (or im sure if I asked my lady friend from before it would take 20 minutes).

Finally arriving about 50 minutes later….. this looks different…. scooters everywhere, small stalls and tourist stalls, no one understands the word embassy and when we say Myanmar they give a look….. much like my lady friend did. 🙃

Walking up I find a guy, he looks like he could speak English, I explain where we are going… there is that look again….. he says have a look at this map and show me…… it’s a map of a small island. Ummmmmmm are we on an island? Seems we are, seems we have gone back the direction we came from and out to sea to a remote small island nowhere near where we had to go!

The red line shows where we needed to go, the yellow is where we ended up

Ok……… the problem is that when we were to arrive in Myanmar we were then set to jump on a plane, a plane to Dawei where we then catch a train to Kyaikto arriving at about 11pm that night and into accomodation that had been arranged. Because this trip is pretty scheduled because we had to show an itinerary for the visa application there was no room for error, we are now one full day behind and will need to work out what will be missed because of this.

Well we were able to find a resort and a room for the night, there was no food all day so went searching…. now considering we were meant to be in another country we only had a small amount of cash left on us and no one on the island accepts credit card! FML. I was told to go back to the guy that first gave help with his wonderful map and he was able to draw cash from my card for me.

Found a place to eat and boy did I eat! The food was amazing, something that was not experienced at the first location.

Well that was the day……. I guess there is a silver lining to be had. I type this now with no internet available. It’s here but it doesn’t work so hopefully I can publish this in the morning.

I didn’t get a chance to get my camera out, just my iPhone but the rolling hills of different blues in the background here is beautiful.

Well tomorrow is a new day…… let’s see if we can get back to where we started, get the right boat, plane and train tomorrow and grab a few photos on the way.


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