Day one ☝🏻

My body clock is all over the place right now. Arriving in last night at around 1am (5am my local time) I wasn’t sure if I wanted to sleep or get into my day. I ended up staying up till around 3am then was back awake at 7.30. What was meant to be raining turned out great!!!

The morning was spent searching for bacon πŸ₯“… the meal was a bit ordinary but I got to spend my morning eating breakfast on the beach so no complaints here.

First thing after that was go take some photos (the reason for going on this trip). I’m limited in what is around here but shot away just so I could come back and chill out doing some photos.

I’m lucky enough to be staying on the beach and that beach gets the sunset. After chillin, eating, having a few local beers 🍻 I headed down to the beach to get some shots

Tomorrow is an early start, heading to a nearby town to catch a 6 hour bus, then onto a boat to then arrive at the boarder to Myanmar πŸ‡²πŸ‡² and this is where all the adventure begins πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

If you are on instagram be sure to follow along @followthephotographer as I will be uploading stories (video) along the way.


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