Beno Boys Outback Adventure

In march this year I was able to tick a major thing off my bucket list. Us Australians tend to travel the world before seeing our own beautiful country, I’m not sure if this is a cost thing or people just not realising what Australia has with its diversity and beauty. 

Heading off with my brother we jumped the flight direct to Ayres Rock Airport. For those that don’t realise how bloody big this country is it would take you 28 hours to drive there from Sydney 

Lucky for us it’s only 3.5 hours to fly. 

We arrived and it was hot, it was near 40’c and dry… very dry. My one single warning with this place is the flys. There are flys everywhere, you can’t escape them lol

Unfortunately I have been meaning to write this blog for months and have not got around to it, I should have written as I did it whilst the memories were still fresh in my mind.

We booked through a company called Mulgas Adventures, the plan was 4 days and 3 nights traveling around to different locations including Uluru and Kings Canyon. 

The first day was straight out to Uluru and words or pictures can not describe it, I get told this from nearly everyone who has gone there. We went out to take a walk around certain sections of it, you will find that there are areas that you are not allowed to take photos under the request of the local aboriginal people. 

One thing we found is we were treated on this trip with a very green landscape to how it normally is thanks to some previous wet weather. The two things I was really hanging out for was sunset and sunrise at Uluru and it really didn’t disappoint at all.

We headed around to a viewing area and the only downside is how many people are there. We raced up and I got to a position I liked. The group then pulled out wine and crackers as we all enjoyed the sunset. 

I took all my gear with me on this trip, it was a pain lugging it all around but I guess these are the sacrifices we make sometimes doing a trip for this purpose. Most of my shots are on my canon eos m3 whilst others are on my 7d or iPhone 7+.

We headed to our camp site next ready to make dinner and set up for the night ahead. We slept in swags on this trip and whilst I love my five star resorts it was such a nice change to be sleeping under the stars in the outback of Australia. 

Next morning we were up at 4am to have breakfast and head to the sunrise, I was excited!

We made our way to a viewing platform and once again the only downside was how many people there were here, it was packed. 

Because we were such a distance from the rock I had to use my 70-200 and my 18-300 sigma lenses to do the shoot, I would have been really disappointed if I only had my 10-22 on me as it was just to far in the distance.  

Next we went on to explore the many domes of Kata Tjuta hiking through the valley of the winds, I’m glad we went early as the heat would make ke even more challenging later in the day. 

Finally finishing the hike hours later we were off to kings creek station to set up camp however we found we could book a helicopter tour there, with minutes to spare due to flight restrictions at night we were up in the air snapping away over vast views of kings canyon with the sun setting over the desert landscape. This was my trip in a helicopter and it won’t be my last, that’s for sure!

After the flight we set up camp ready for the next day ahead, we were going to hike Kings Canyon and were advised it was the longest and hardest hike of the trip……

They were not wrong, the hike was hard and started with “heart attack hill” as our first section. The hike took us from ground level right up to the top of this magnificent range of mountains, it was worth the sweat and pain we all went through to get up there.

I can’t even Myer w how long the hike took but we had gone up and down the equivalent of around 70 flights of stairs, finally coming back to the bus we we were off to our final destination of a camp site at curtain springs, this location had no running water, no toelet and no electricity but I loved it. 

All in all I think this was one of my most favourite trips I have done and has given me the want to travel more of this country. I would highly  it and Guly recommend Mulgas Adventures (google them). 
Till the next trip at the end of this year 🙂


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