Great Ocean Road… one to remember 

For those who are reading this and are not in Australia we just celebrated Australia Day on Thursday the 26th, we all get the day off work so I took Friday off to make it an extra long weekend and decided to tick something off my bucket list. 

I left Sydney at 8pm on Wednesday night and went on the road for a 1500km (938 mile) drive right down to the bottom of Australia to a road known as Great Ocean Road. My main reason for going here was for a place called the “12 apostles”. It was originally 12 rock formations however a few have crumbled into the ocean. 

Setting off at 8pm meant that I was going to have to stop somewhere through the night. At 2am decided to stop at Albury (it is located on the boarder of NSW and VIC. 

For those who don’t realise the size of this country here is a comparison to the good old USA. 

Waking up at 6am the next morning this is what the greeting looked like ❤️ 

With another 6 hours drive ahead it was off again (after coffee of course) to head to the start of Great Ocean Road. 

Most of my photography trips I don’t do alone, thank goodness this one was not either. My partner in crime in fact came up with the idea for this trip and helped with driving and orgnising, it was on both of our bucket lists to get to this place. 

Driving down and taking the slightly long way it really makes you appreciate this beautiful country. I don’t think words can describe its diversity, beauty, unforgiving harshness at the same time as delivering areas of soft calm. I always try to set myself a goal or task when I go take photos, it may be a subject, object, style or specific scene. I love photographs of simplicity I was on a mission to find a sole tree, one alone in a vast field. I was able to capture a few of these and they will be posted up on my instagram later however here is a teaser of one of those shots 

After a long ass drive we finally made it to the start of Great Ocean Road and the feeling was surreal, having always wanted to get here and never been able too was a great yet slightly worrying feeling….. worry in because would it be what I had imagined? Would it be better? Worse? Just a road like any other? 

Great ocean road is 100kms long with multiple look outs, areas of interest and an amazing spot for photography. First on the list was “the bay of islands” and this place took my breath away. Photos, videos and words do not do this place any justice what so ever. 

It was 4.30pm and hoping for a sunset however clouds had moved in. We decided to quickly scope out a few of the other spots and try to decide where the first real photos were going to be taken. 

A few test shots and locations later decided on “the Bay of martyrs”. I situated myself up on a ledge (I do not condone this behaviour and if you are reading this please do not go over the barrier, they are there for your safety). 

If you are interested to see how these photos went check out my instagram over the next couple of days. 

We found a spot in a car park to stop for the night and slept in the car (yes you are correct in your thinking…. what about a shower? Unfortunately no shower could be found 💩)

The next morning we were up and headed to the 12 apostles for sunrise however clouds were still there. As I have said in an earlier post, find opportunity in what ever you do, just because there was no sun doesn’t mean we were not able to get some amazing shots. 


Whilst there was a few other locations to mention I don’t want to ruin what is to come with the photos too much and let them speak for themselves. 

I recommend to anyone who is in Australia or coming to visit to head to this place. It is worth the drive in every sense. 

Remember…. keep an eye out on instagram @followthephotographer or if you are on Facebook look up Joshua beniston photography 


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