Does size matter? 

Today I received a lens I have really been looking forward to getting for some time now. Forgetting about my specific lenses I have for my canon M5 I currently have the following. 

  • 10-22mm canon – this is my most used lens by FAR, this is what I use for most, if not all my landscape shots and highly recommend it to anyone! 
  • 18-300 Sigma lens – this is one of my newer ones and really is a “take anywhere” lens. The versatility and range on it let’s me shoot pretty much anything and it is extremely small for what it is. This lens is specifically for a cropped sensor so it is a true 18-300 with no need to take in the 1.6X crop as is the 10-22 mentioned above. 
  • 50mm 1.8 – The good old nifty fifty, this lens is brilliant for the cost, it set me back about $120 and really is a great lens for portrait/headshots. I feel this lens would be even better if I was using a full frame camera, with my 7D or M5 it’s really shooting at 80mm. 

Whilst I have a couple more lenses there really are the only ones I use. 
Today was the day that this big boy arrived 

The sigma 70-200 2.8 and boy is it BIG. (Yes I know that’s what she said 😂)

To give you a comparison here it is next to my 18-300 lens 

My first conclusion was that all those times we have heard “size doesn’t matter” was a flat out lie 😂 …. but seriously. 

This lens is so big it has the tripod mount on the lens itself. 

A lot of people would be asking the question “why have you got a lens that is 70-200 when you already have one that covers that for 18-300, wouldn’t that one be better?”

Placing a lot of things to the side the key benefit here is the speed of this lens and it’s f-stop (or aperture). The large 70-200 lens can retain a f-stop of 2.8 the whole way through that zoom. This allows me to keep a shallow depth of field all through the zoom or let as much light in as possible to keep the shutter speed fast without sacrificing the quality of the picture by bumping my ISO up too much (the higher the ISO (the light sensitivity to the sensor) the more “noise” that is in my picture. The lower the ISO the better)

Here is an example of both lenses zoomed in to 200mm (and yes I compensated for the crop factor in the 70-200) – please note this was not shot on a tripod so the subject in the pic is a touch blurry on the 70-200. 

Sigma 18-300 @ 200mm f6.3 ISO 800

Sigma 70-200 @ 125mm (equalling 200) f2.8 ISO 100

That depth of field makes the second subject POP on the photo so you can imagine if you are photographing a person. 

I honestly can’t wait to shoot some people with this lens to see how it goes. 

The other great thing with this new lens is it comes with its own bag (there is no way this big boy will fit in any of my current back packs)

So the next question is why sigma? Why not canon? 

The only clear benefit I can see is the canon 70-200 has over the sigma is its weather proof but for an extra $1000 with comparable performance Sigma wins hands down. 

I will try to get out this weekend and play around with it some more. 

Just to note those who are not on my Facebook, I have a current deal and offering going at the moment. I am currently offering a 33% discount for January for anyone lookin for modelling pics to be done or family photo shoots, if you refer someone you get $50 (the referral has to be booked and paid for). 

I’ll keep you all posted how this unfolds and some more shots to come. 


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