2016 is done, let’s reflect and so what’s next? 

We are now at the end of another year and it’s had me asking a lot of questions around my photography. 

What do I want to achieve with it in the year ahead?

What direction do I want to take? 

Where do I place my focus?

What drives me? 

Do I ramp up my focus or go with the flow? 

The key milestones I hit this year with photography I feel were very much laying the foundation for everything, I said to myself I had some core key goals to hit. 

  1. Redesign my webpage http://www.joshuabeniston.com
  2. Invest in some more equipment 
  3. Push my photography into different areas I had yet to really experience
  4. Learn new techniques 
  5. Focus on social media
  6. Get out and explore
  7. Experiment with different avenues
  8. Move to a full frame camera from cropped sensor 
  9. Travel more with my photography 
  10. Interact more with photography communities to help learn and grow 

Of all those goals I got all but one (I have not yet moved to a full frame camera) however I have in the last year made some purchases such as the canon m3 Mirrorless that has helped on the travel side due to its size, it has been great for my landscape photography. I not only redesigned and built a new website from the ground up (with lots of learnings on the way and if you are interested to know how I did it myself let me know) but developed this blog and also implemented a shopping cart into the site to sell prints (this still need some work and I welcome any feedback on it) 

The new equipment purchased this year (and if you want any views on it please email me and I will be happy to share) 

  1. Canon m3
  2. This camera came with two lenses, a pancake 20mm and a 18-55mm
  3. Adaptor for my EF and EFs lenses
  4. New back pack (mindshift)
  5. New myfoto tripod (whilst this was a gift it was the best investment all year) 
  6. NISI 10 stop filter, this has driven my landscape work to a whole different place and style, I have loved working with this
  7. And finally the cherry on top (it’s on its way in the post is the sigma 70-200 2.8 lens, this lens will be my focus in the new year of taking photos of people. I will be doing a review on this lens when it arrives. 

    With this new focus on people and pushing my photography I have been seeking advice from a great photographer John, check out his work on instagram 

    His work is pretty amazing 👍🏻

    This year has seen a clear evolution in my photography as well as starting to cement a style, more so in the landscape photography, I am hoping that 2017 will do the same with my portrait work. For anyone reading this that is in Sydney I am currently offering a referral and discount offer, you refer someone for a shoot (either as an individual looking to build on their portfolio or a family and you get $50 cash if the shoot is booked and paid for). If it’s for yourself not only do you get the current offer of nearly 30% off but also the $50 cash back. 

    The evolution of my photography can clearly be seen on my instagram, especially if you compare my personal page to the page linked to this blog. Here is an example of what was to what is

    A landscape shot in the city, a pic that in my opinion anyone could take, nothing different, no style, no flair at all vs the following – 

    I’m hoping to look back in 2018 saying the same for this shot but for now I love it 😍 

    I’m now getting 1000’s of hits on this site and thank you to everyone for their support, please keep it up and please continue to drop me a line. If you are in Sydney or passing through and want to head out on a day or night of photography let me know, I love sharing experience with people in the hope they learn something from me and I learn something from them. 

    Wishing everyone a happy new year and stay safe. 

    I’ll leave you with two of my latest shots that I really love (this is what is delivered by using the NISI filter and some learnings I have taken over the year) One is with the filter and the other is a HDR shot (look back in my blog if you want to learn more about HDR) 



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