Finding opportunity 

The weekend has passed yet again… to be honest the weekend was approaching and I was exhausted so come Friday night I just wanted to sleep in. Most of my weekends have been early starts (around 3.30am) but I think it was catching up on me. 
I got my sleep in but the simple fact remained… I love taking photos and was in the mood so decided to head out on a little drive. There was an abandon church I wanted to shoot so headed down for the 300km drive. After finally finding the location after a few laps in the dark it seems the church is now fenced right off from access. The temptation was there to jump the fence but I take photos… I don’t break the law. The aim of the shot was to get the Milky Way in the background. My other challenge was it was extremely cloudy and no stars to be seen. 
Decisions, decisions, decisions………..
I’ll head down to the snowy mountains!!! 
For those who don’t know Australia the snowy mountains are about 600kms 

It was getting late but off I went, as I started getting closer the stars starting coming out, Hope was returning, I could imagine the stars in my mind, I could feel the excitement building………. then the fog rolled in, fog so strong you could not see in front of you!!!

If you are not finding a theme in this post so far it is “challenge”. It’s 3am arriving at a small country town that’s part of the snowy mountains region so parked the car next to a lake on the hope of a sunrise. It’s been near 12 hours of driving, stopping and disappointment. 

3 hours later I wake from a 3 hour rest…. fog… lots of fog….. seems I can’t get a break and all I want is a coffee and no cafe is open. 

What I have come to learn doin this is sometimes what seems like the impossible is just another opportunity to think different and do different. Whilst I think some of my photography has a set look to it I do like to push change and try things differently. 

The key things I had to work with 

  • Fog
  • Landscape
  • Trees
  • Lake
  • Reflections

Considering those things this is what I came up with – 

My favourite two would be the reeds and sticks in the water with reflection and the black and white of the tree, what looks like the moon is in fact the sun behind the fog. 

The equipment I used this weekend was 

  • Canon eos M3
  • Canon 10-22mm
  • Sigma 18-300mm
  • Nisi 10stopper

The key processes I used in the photos (in order) 

  • Panoramic stitching (using adobe lightroom)
  • Lightroom 
  • Photomatrix Pro for HDR
  • Lightroom 
  • Nothing at all, what you see is how it was shot
  • Photomatrix Pro for HDR

If you are interested in more detail on the processing drop me a line. Stay tuned because I will soon be blogging from Samoa 🇼🇸 as I travel over there to take some photos, I can’t wait!!! 
I hope this post has shown that no matter how bad something could look it’s about finding the opportunity in what you are given… you never know unless you push forward. 


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