Branding decisions πŸ€”

It’s been a very intense journey to date, asking the key questions of how can I make more money from doing what I love? How can I monitise and find opportunity while sharing a passion. 
Whilst I have had my website for a number of years and have been paid for my photography over the past 10 years it was always second to main my job to pay the bills. Those that do photography know very well how expensive it is when you start discovering what different lenses can deliver, flashes, triggers, soft boxes, umbrellas, tripods, bags, filters, cards the list goes on then you discover you need a second or third camera body!!!!

My first stop was getting exposure and this is harder than you could possibly think. People approach this thinking that friends and family will be out there with a megaphone πŸ“’ telling the world about it but the fact and reality is they have their own things to worry about, maybe their own business to juggle so if you are going to get out there you have to do it yourself. 

Whilst being on Instagram for sometime that was very much about me and my life, not about just my photography and didn’t have a theme to push out to a specific audience, an audience I hope one day would purchase prints or buy services. 

This is one key reason to start the blog, this blog for me is mainly for fun and enjoyment while finding it very therapeutic just get some of my thoughts in writing. The branding of the blog had to reflect that it was for fun and less of a “professional” feel to it. I have finally come up with the logo and feel for the site, the key drivers I had were –

  • Fun
  • Engaging
  • Casual
  • Simple
  • Clean

The site now utilises a template that I feel match 4 of the 5 and was left with “fun” so I made sure the logo reflected that (or I hope it does to others) 

I’m pretty sure the illustration looks like me but I’ll leave that up to you to decide…

My next step is looking at my business and main website (

The key areas I am wanting to develop here is selling of prints, I like the idea that photography is done all in my time, when I want, how I want and delivering on my own personal vision rather than meeting the vision of others. Whilst I still love shooting events, family, people, glamor etc I am really enjoying the landscapes and ideas of large prints hanging on people’s wall. The three concepts that I have sent out to others to gain feedback were – 

I do love the first one however it really doesn’t reflect the style of what I shoot. It would be perfect if I was a wedding photographer but I try to stay clear from weddings. 

When thinking about brand there is also consideration that needs to be given to how is it used? What will it be used on and what formats applied to. For me they were – 

  • Branding on website
  • Branding on stationary such as invoices
  • Watermarking of photos 
  • Embroidery or print on clothing

This really comes to the forefront when I test it on a photo 

The above photo tends to wash out the logo and writing, it also just doesn’t feel right and maybe too soft for general application. I’m sure it would fit well on a family photo or wedding shot but it really stops there. 

While the above I think is just to “plain jane” for me, I also can’t use just part of the logo in need as there is nothing that defines it with out all the writing. 
The third and final is the one I am starting to really like, I feel it ticks all the boxes, I can add colour theme to it in need. What really sits well with me is that I can remove the writing and use it much like a stamp still showing the JB. 

I welcome anyone’s thoughts or feedback in comments πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ» so feel free to give your opinions as I’m always open to suggestion and change. 

As I finish off my website over the next couple of days and I have also launched my e-commerce section of it (ordering prints and framing) I will write about that process as it has been a challenging one. Previously I use to use iWeb from Apple for site design however they no longer offer it so I went on a journey to find a new site builder and a service provider for the prints. The printing is currently in beta and a work in progress but it all may help some photographers out there in doing their own. This blog is now getting over 1000 views a day that I’m very excited about, let’s hope this all pays off and I’ll keep you all posted. 


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