24 hours, a camera and no sleep πŸ˜΄

The weekend just past I decided to head out on Saturday evening to get some night shots done. Not knowing where to go jumped into the car and headed towards the city. I have a love for the Anzac bridge here in Sydney, it’s the lesser of bridges ohotograohed compared to the harbour bridge. 

This shot was actually done with my new M3 at 18mm across 6 photos stitched together through Lightroom. I chose not to correct it where you can see the distort to the cables on the bridge as I liked the look. 

Under the bridge I used the 7d as it held my 10-22mm lens allowing me to capture it right across. I find the under of a bridge just as interesting, if not more interesting than above. 

What’s a night without a quick selfie? 😜

Getting home at 3am after a night out I was deciding if I should head out for a sunrise. So back out the door at 4.30am and off to a great spot I only recently found called blues point. This gave me another night shot plus blue hour. Unfortunately it was a cloudy morning so no sun. 

Blue hour πŸ‘†πŸ»

Another successful and fun weekend of shooting πŸ‘πŸ». 

Joshua Beniston


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