Coffs Harbour

This trip away was a chance for me to try out some new things including some new gear. I recently purchased a Canon eos M3 as well as a Nisi 10 stop ND Filter……..


Lets see how it all goes… I will also include a review of the M3 comparing it with my much loved 7D πŸ™‚
When first travelling up decided to stop as the sun had just gone down and traffic was heavy. 
While it wasn’t dark enough to really get any good shots I thought why not. 

It’s defiantly a location for a future date with a boat pier that will be perfect with the sun going down. Whilst I can’t use my M3 yet with my ef lens I was left with my 7d to grab a few shots. 

The potential I think speaks for itself. 

Arriving at the destination at 2am that didn’t mean going to bed. It was straight out the back to get some shots of those stars!!! 


This trip also gave me the chance to try out my new nisi filters. Originally I had some concern over the stigma of “made in China” and how wrong I was. Not only the quality of packaging compared to lee filters that I previously used but the quality of picture was fantastic with no colour cast and a warmer outcome to lee filters. 

As I still don’t have a grad filter this last shot required me to take three different exposures and merge to allow the back ground not to be too over exposed. 
Overall another great quick get away, lots learnt on the fly and hopefully this will keep improving. 


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